Our construction license exam study system is designed to help you prepare for any specific state exam.

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Preparing for a State License Exam

License Exam CandidateSo you've got to take a state construction license exam or certification... you can’t decide on what books or what chapters to study? DISCOVER right now how you can eliminate unnecessary books and wasted study time.

However, if you are ordering at the last moment, please use another service.  We provide quality materials based on ever changing requirements, statues and codes; keeping our materials current requires preparation time. Immediate delivery may not be available for the materials you are interested in, so again, if you are not allowing yourself adequate time to study, do yourself, and us, a favor and use another service.  We endeavor to fulfill orders as quickly as possible, and if you wish to inquire about the time frame for delivery of the materials you are interested in, please use the Contact Us page of our web site. We look forward to working with you.

Our study materials “zero in” on the subject areas that state exam providers list in their candidate bulletins. Our study materials will get you focused because we design materials that are custom programmed to your specific exam versus other sites that sell “canned” generic information.  Just imagine what that will mean to you on exam day.

Another unique feature of our study materials... we actually buy the reference books listed by the license exam providers and write questions from the text versus other sites that provide general information that they hope doesn't become useless over time.

Before ordering a product here, what do I need to know?

We highly recommend that you read the text on the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) (please click on the tab at the top of any of our web pages).  Some of the numbered questions may not apply to your situation but it may answer many questions we get like “How long will it take to receive my order?” or “How should I time the placing of my order with my scheduled exam date?”

What is the Format of Your Study Materials?

We do our best to pattern our materials after the format that is the most commonly used by the license exam industry today; writing questions from reference books (and statute codes) and present them in a multiple choice list.  This format most matches what is being used by exam testing companies like: Prometric, PSI, ProV, International Code Council and a few others.

FREE License Exam Study Materials Offered Here

Our site is a great place to do research for your states' license exam requirements, where you will find FREE downloadable study material.  We've taken the time to do the research saving you thousands of dollars and many hours of time looking for online copies of many states' statutory (legal) references.

You’ll also find our information on specific trades for each state or local jurisdiction, names and addresses of testing agencies, exam content, time allowed to take the exam and passing scores to be current and usable.  Choose your state below and find out why we are so confident that our study materials are second to none.

Our License Exam Study System

Our study system is designed to help you prepare for most state-specific construction contractor license exam (electrical, general builder, mechanical, plumbing, road building, etc.), and Business and Law exams.  We offer specific licensing exam preparation materials for states that have made their exam content available to the public.  If you do not find your license exam listed, please let us know using our “Contact Us” page and the “Request Trade Not Offered” button.

Our goal is to provide convenient, personal study products for construction professionals who need to maximize their time and resources in exam preparation for most states’ license exams.  We are constantly monitoring most states’ requirements to bring you up-to-date candidate requirements.  Come see why thousands of students have chosen to take advantage of our unique study system of (1) Practice Tests (2) Comprehensive Tutorials and (3) DVD Study Courses.

What is the First Step to Becoming a Licensed Construction Professional?

Graduated license holderThe question most frequently asked by construction contractors, such as yourself, is “How do I begin the process of preparing for my license exam?”.  We have researched the process here at ContractorExam.com, and we think that you will agree, the steps listed will help you answer that question.  Our “How to Prepare” page is read by thousands, daily.

Our experience has shown that exam candidates who have taken advantage of high quality study materials, greatly increase the chances of passing their exam on the FIRST try.  If you are now ready to obtain study materials and begin your exam preparation process, please choose your state below this text.

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