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That's not a problem... if you're just browsing.  This is a great place to find FREE Study Materials.  Every trade we research has a book list and every book list has links to sites where you can buy your books.  Some links even take you to cheaper used copies of books.  Some links take you to Free PDF copies of books (and statutes).  Many of these free books are not easy to find so we've taken the time to find them for you!

Preparing for a Construction License Exam

Pass you Exam!What is the key to passing a state licensing exam?  Since most exams are “OPEN BOOK”, knowing how the code books are organized is a good place to start.  If you know how to find the answers quickly and efficiently, you can get through the first pass during an exam which gives you more time to go back and do the more detailed calculations.

Knowing how to use a subject index and navigating to the right section of the code will be a tremendous time saver.  Memorizing answers is pretty much a waste of time.  Remember, most of the code books are written by attorneys and are very hard to follow.

The question most frequently asked by construction contractors, such as yourself, is “How do I begin the process of preparing for my license exam?”.  We have researched the process here at ContractorExam.com, and we think that you will agree, the steps listed will help you answer that question.  Our “How to Prepare” page is read by thousands, daily.

What is the Format of Your Study Materials?

We do our best to pattern our materials after the format that is the most commonly used by the license exam industry today; writing questions from reference books (and statute codes) and present them in a multiple choice list.  This format most matches what is being used by exam testing companies like: Prometric, PSI, ProV, International Code Council and a few others.

Product Delivery Times

We endeavor to fulfill orders as quickly as possible (1 to 2 days), and if you wish to inquire about the time frame for delivery of study materials, please use the Contact Us page of our web site.  We look forward to working with you.

Our products are not “off the shelf” items.  We actually have to put a package of study materials together based on current exam requirements.

Before ordering a product here, what do I need to know?

We highly recommend that you read the text on the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) (please click on the tab at the top of any of our web pages).  Some of the numbered answers may not apply to your situation but it may answer many questions we get like “How long will it take to receive my order?” or “How should I time the placing of my order with my scheduled exam date?”