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Electrical Contractor

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Alabama Electrical Contractors Board
2777 Zelda Road
Montgomery, AL  36106
Phone: (334) 420-7232
Alabama Electrical

Exam Administrator

ProV, Inc
5200 NW 43rd Street
Gainesville, FL  32606
Phone: (866) 720-7768
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Exam Type


Exam Content

Subject Areas # of
General Electrical Knowledge 10
Service, Feeders and Branch Circuits 10
Grounding and Bonding 9
Conductors and Cables 10
Raceways and Boxes 8
Special Occupancies and Equipment 4
Electrical Power 3
Motors 6
Low Voltage 2
Lighting 3
Illuminates Signs 2
Fire Detection and Alarm Systems 2
Safety Information 5
Overcurrent Protection 6
Business Organization 1
Risk Management 2
Project Management 2
Estimating 4
Safety and Environmental 2
Labor Laws 3
Tax Laws 4
Financial Management 4
Contracts 3
Lien Law 1
Licensing Law 4

Total number of test questions: 110
Time Allowed (Minutes) 5.0


Books Allowed in the Exam

1. National Electrical Code (NFPA-70), 2014, NFPA Buy at Amazon
2. American Electricians' Handbook, Any Edition, Croft/Summers. Buy at Amazon
3. NASCLA Contractor's Guide to Business, Law, and Project Management - Basic Edition, 11th Edition, NASCLA. (10th edition obsolete) Buy at Amazon
4. Alabama Electrical Contractor's Suppliment to the Contractor's Guide, ProV, Inc. Buy from Publisher

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