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Washington DC
(312) Journeyman A/C and Refrigeration

Licensing Agency

Washington DC
Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs
Board of Industrial Trades

1100 4th St SW
Washington, DC  20024
Phone:  (202) 442-4400
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PSI Services LLC ™
DCOPLA Program

3210 E. Tropicana
Las Vegas, NV 89121
Phone:  (800) 733-9267
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Exam Type


Exam Content

Subject Areas % of
Theory, Systems Types, Terminology,
and General Requirements
Refrigerant and Condensate Piping 12
Evaporators, Compressors, Condensers,
Chillers, Cooling Towers, Heat Pumps,
Heating and AC Appliances
Conditioned Air, Supply, Return, Makeup,
Combustion Air, Air Ducts, Dampers and Insulation
Electrical Fundamentals and Controls 9
Refrigerants 12
Operationing Procedures, including Safety 12
Maintenance and Repairs 8

Total number of test questions: 60
Time allowed (hours): 2.0

Books Allowed in the Exam

1. International Mechanical Code, 2012, ICC Buy at Amazon
2. Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, 18th Edition, 2004, Althous, Turnquist, Bowditch, Bracciano Buy at Amazon


Study materials are currently NOT available for this exam

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