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Master Plumber

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State Plumbing Board of Louisiana
12497 Airline Highway
Baton Rouge, LA  70817
Phone: (225) 756-3434
LA State Plumbing Board

Exam Type


Exam Content - 3 Parts

Subject Areas
Part I - General Plumbing Knowledge

% of
Drainage Systems and Sewers 25
Water Supply and Backflow Prevention 20
General Code 15
Materials and Installation Practices 10
Special Wastes and Roof Drains 5
Fixtures and Trims 5
Excavation 5
Inspection and Testing 5
Individual Sewage Treatment Systems 5
Safety 5

Total number of test questions: 80
Time allowed (hours): 3.0


Subject Areas
Part II - Practical Plumbing Knowledge

% of
Drainage Systems and Sewers 28
Water Supply Systems 20
Roof Drain Systems 8
Installation Practices, Methods and Materials 28
Terminology 4
Plans and Specifications 12

Total number of test questions: 25
Time allowed (hours): 2.0


Subject Areas
Part III - Business and Law Knowledge

% of
Project Management 18
Contract Management 17
Financial Management 10
Risk Management 10
Business Planning and Organization 5
Licensing 10
Safety (Laws and Regulations) 10
Labor Laws 5
Tax Laws 5
Lien Laws 5
Estimating and Bidding 5

Total number of test questions: 40
Time allowed (hours): 2.0


Books Permitted in the Exam

1. Louisiana Title 51 Public Health Sanitary Code (586 page document. Use right click to download) Doc Link
2. Louisiana State Plumbing Code, 2000 Edition, ICC. Doc Link
3. NASCLA Contractor's Guide to Business, Law and Project Management, Louisiana Master Plumbers Edition, Louisiana, 1st Edition, NASCLA Buy at Amazon

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