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Municipal and Public Works Construction

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Exam Type


Sub Classifications

The study materials we offer on this page covers the exam for the following sub-classifications:
  • Pipe Work:
    • 7-42 Gas Lines
    • 7-43 Sewer
    • 7-44 Storm Drains
  • 7-47 Power Plants
  • 7-55 Sewer Plant or Sewer Disposal
  • 7-64 Underground Electrical Conduit Installation
  • 7-16 Fencing

Exam Content

Subject Areas % of
Sewers and Storm Drains 21
Water Transmission and Distribution 13
Excavation, Grading and Paving 12
Piles and Foundations 9
Sewer Plants and Pump Stations 9
Site Preparation 8
Mechanical Piping 8
Gas Distribution 7
Building Construction 5
Water Filtration and Purification 5
Underground Electrical Conduit 3

Total number of test questions: 80
Time allowed (hours): 4.0
All companies applying for a commercial trade license, must have had at least one qualifying party pass the Business and Law Exam as one of the requirements for approval of the license.

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Books NOT Permitted in the Exam

1. Concrete Manual, 2015, ICC. Buy at Amazon
2. Moving the Earth: The Workbook of Excavation, Herbert L. Nichols, Jr. and David A. Day. Buy at Amazon
3. Code of Federal Regulations, Title 29, Part 1926 (OSHA Standards for the Construction Industry). Doc Link
4. The Handbook of PVC Pipe Design and Construction, 5th Edition, 2012, Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association. Buy at Amazon
5. Domestic Wastewater Treatment (UFC 3-240-09A), Whole Building Design Guide. Doc Link
6. Water Supply, Water Treatment (UFC 3-230-08A), Whole Building Design Guide. Doc Link
7. Engineering and Design - Conduits, Culverts, and Pipes (EM 1110-2-2902), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Doc Link
8. Sanitary and Industrial Wastewater Collection - Pumping Stations and Force Mains (UFC 3-240-08FA replaced by UFC 3-240-01), Whole Building Design Guide. Doc Link
9. Water Supply, Water Distribution (UFC 3-230-10A replaced by UFC 3-230-01), Whole Building Design Guide. Doc Link
10. Hydraulic Engineering Circular No. 24, FAA Doc Link

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