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New Hampshire
Master Electrician
ICC Exam # 434

Apply for the License

State of New Hampshire
Electricians Board

121 South Fruit Street
Concord, NH  03301
Phone:  (603) 271-2219
New Hampshire Electricians Board

Exam Administrator

International Code Council
900 Montclair Rd.
Birmingham, AL 35213
(888) 422-7233, ext. 5524
Candidate Information Web Page

Exam Content

Subject Areas
% of
General Knowledge 15
Services and Service Equipment 11
Feeders 3
Branch Circuits and Conductors 12
Wiring Methods and Materials 12
Equipment and Devices 10
Control Devices 1
Motors and Generators 2
Special Occupancies, Equipment, and Conditions 14
Administrative 20

Total Number of Test Questions: 125
Time Allowed (hours): 5.0


Books Allowed in the Exam

1. National Electrical Code (NFPA-70), 2014, NFPA. Doc Link
2. American Electrician's Handbook, 13th Edition or newer, 2008, Terrell Croft, Wilford Summers Buy from Amazon
3. Ugly's Electrical References, 2014, George V. Hart. Buy from Amazon
4. New Hampshire Electricians, Ch. 319-C. Doc Link
5. New Hampshire Electricians Board Administrative Rules Ch. 300-400, 2013, NHEB. Doc Link

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