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ICC National Standard
(F21) Low-Voltage Electrician

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Applications for licensing are managed by your local city or county government jurisdiction.  Those agencies determine which ICC exam is appropriate for your license based on local code adoption.  The button below will open a separate page that takes you to a national index for finding the web site for your city or county.

Exam Administrator

International Code Council ™
900 Montclair Rd.
Birmingham, AL 35213
(888) 422-7233, ext. 5524
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Exam Type


Exam Content

Subject Areas% of
General Knowledge24
Low-Voltage Remote Control & Alarm Systems22
Low-Voltage Communications & Sound36
Low-Voltage Control Circuits14
Fiber Optical4
Total number of test questions:
Time allowed (hours):

Books Allowed in the Exam

National Electrical Code (NFPA-70), 2014, NFPA
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Ugly‘s Electrical References, (any edition), George Hart
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American Electricians‘ Handbook, 16th Edition (15th out-of-print), Terrell Croft, Wilford Summers
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NOTE:  You have to option to use either reference #2 or #3 listed above for your study material.

We recommend that you purchase a current version of reference #3 (16th) because the 15th edition is (apparently) out-of-print and some sellers want $350 for a new copy.

Additional Recommended Books

Ferm's Fast Finder Index, 2014, IAEI
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Tom Henry's Key Word Index, 2014, Tom Henry
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We highly recommend that you purchase one of the reference books above to study for your exam.  Each book is a comprehensive subject index to the NEC.  They provide an even faster way to look up answers in the code and are far more detailed than the index at the end of the code book.

Available Study Materials
ICC City/County Practice Exam
$129.95 - $229.95

Questions are sourced from the “Allowed” book titles shown above.  A subject category index is included.

The price of study materials is based on your exam title chosen in our order form.  Sample question sets at the highest price contain 1,700 or more questions.

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