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State of Oklahoma
Construction Industries Board

2401 N.W. 23rd Street, Suite 2F
Oklahoma City, OK 73107
Phone: (405) 521-6550
Toll Free: (877) 484-4424
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Exam Administrator

PSI Licensure : Certification
3210 E. Tropicana
Las Vegas, NV 89121
(800) 733-9267
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Exam Type


Exam Content

Subject Areas # of
Bidding and Estimating 10
Project Management and Supervision 7
Contracts 5
Financial 8
Labor and Personnel 5
Risk Management 4
Payroll and Payroll Taxes 5
Licensing Requirements 6

Total number of test questions: 50
Time allowed (minutes): 120


Books Allowed in the Exam

1. Oklahoma Unofficial Administrative Rules and Courtesy Exam Study Aids Book, current edition, available at the Construction Industries Board Office (no fee). Web Page Link
2. Oklahoma Plumbing License Law of 1955, Oklahoma Statutes, Title 59, Chapter 27, 2004 (Revised 2015), Oklahoma Construction Industries Board Web Page Link
3. Oklahoma Plumbing Industry Regulations, Oklahoma Code, Title 158, Chapter 30, 2004 (Revised 2015), Oklahoma Construction Industries Board Web Page Link
4. Oklahoma Fine Schedule for the Construction Industries Board, Oklahoma Code, Title 158, Chapter 10, Oklahoma Construction Industries Board Web Page Link
5. Oklahoma Lien Law, Oklahoma Statutes, Title 42, Oklahoma Constructions Industries Board Web Page Link
6. NASCLA Contractor's Guide to Business, Law, and Project Management - Basic Edition, 11th Edition, NASCLA Buy at Amazon
7. Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Act, Oklahoma Statutes, Courtesy Excerpts, Title 85AOklahoma Construction Industries Board Web Page Link
Study materials are currently NOT available for this exam

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