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Limited Residential Electrician (LR)

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Oregon Construction Contractor's Board
Building Codes Division

PO Box 14470
Salem, OR  97309
(503) 378-4133
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Exam Content

Total number of test questions: 52
Time allowed (hours): 3.0
This state agency has chosen NOT to publish
specific information about subjects covered in the exam

Books Allowed in the Exam

1. Oregon Electrical Specialty Code, 2014 Edition, NFPA. Doc Link
2. National Electrical Code Handbook, 2014, NFPA Buy at Amazon
3. Oregon Revised Statutes, Chapter 479 - Protection of Buildings From Fire; Electrical Safety Law, 2015. Doc Link
4. Oregon Administrative Rules Chapter 918, 2015. Doc Link
5. American Electrician's Handbook, 16th Edition, 2013, Terrell Croft, Wilford Summers. Buy at Amazon
6. Electrical Black Book, 1st Edition, 2014, Pat Rapp. Buy at Amazon
7. Ugly's Electrical References, 2014, George V. Hart. Buy at Amazon
8. Ferm's Fast Finder Index, 2014 Edition, IAEI. Buy at Amazon
9. Tom Henry's Key Word Index, 2014, Tom Henry. Buy at Amazon
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