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Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners
929 E. 41st Street
Austin, TX   78765
(800) 845-6584 or (512) 936-5200
TX State Board of Plumbing

Exam Content

Subject Areas
General Regulations or General Requirements
Water Heaters
Water Supply and Distribution
Sanitary Drainage
Fuel Gas or Fuel Piping

Total number of test questions: 85
In addition to the written exam, candidates will be expected to perform "hands-on" shop work, including: measuring, cutting, assembly and fitting of commonly used plumbing pipe and fittings (solvent cemented PVC, soldered copper, brazed copper, threaded steel, and compression band type cast iron); identifying proper and improper installation of water heaters; and design a two-story sanitary drainage and vent system for eight common plumbing fixtures and the installation of the designed system into a scaled-down model of a two story, one- or two-family dwelling, using miniature pipe and fittings.


Reference Books and Statutes

1. International Residential Code, 2012, ICC Buy at Amazon
2. Texas State Plumbing License Law: Occupations Code, Title 8, Chapter 1301, Sections 1301.351, 1301.356, 1301.403, 1301.404, 1301.452, 1301.502, 1301.508, 1301.701, and 1301.702 PDF File Link
3. Texas Board Rules: Administrative Code, Sections 361.1, 365.1, 367.2, 367.4, 367.5, and 367.7. PDF File Link
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