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Electronic/Communication Service Contracting

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Commonwealth of Virginia
Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation
Board of Contractors

9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 400
Richmond, VA  23233
(804) 367-8511
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PSI Licensure: Certification
3210 E. Tropicana
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Exam Type


Exam Content

Subject Areas # of
Grounding and Bonding 3
Conductors and Cables 8
Electrical Power Conditioning 4
Electrical and Electronic Knowledge 6
Low Voltage Systems Under 50 Volts 5
TV Systems 3
Sound and Video Systems 5
Raceways and Enclosures 4
Computer and Data Systems 4
Testing Equipment 4
Telephone Systems 4

Total number of test questions: 50
Time allowed (minutes): 120


Books Allowed in the Exam

1. National Electrical Code (NFPA-70), 2011, NFPA Buy at Amazon
2. American Electricians' Handbook, 16th Edition, Terrell Croft, Wilford Summers Buy at Amazon
3. Telecommunications Wiring, 3rd Edition, Clyde N. Herrick Buy at Amazon
4. Live Sound Reinforcement: A Comprehensive Guide to P.A. and Music Reinforcement Systems and Technology, 2nd Edition, Scott Hunter Stark - OR - Live Sound Reinforcement: Mix Pro Audio Series, 1st Edition Buy at Amazon
5. Data, Voice, and Video Cabling, 3rd Edition, Jim Hayes and Paul Rosenberg Buy at Amazon
6. Antenna Toolkit, 2nd Edition, Joseph Carr Buy at Amazon

Note to exam candidates

The sample questions we provide for reference 4 are from a 1st edition

These references will not be available at the examination center.  Please see the PSI candidate bulletin regarding restrictions on personal copies.
Study materials are currently NOT available for this exam

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