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Low Voltage Communications Technician
ICC Exam # 233

Apply for the license

Department of Fire Prevention and Electrical Safety
ATTN: Electrical Licensing

320 W. 25th St., 3rd Floor
Cheyenne, WY  82002
Phone: (307) 777-7288
WY Electrical Board

Exam Administrator

International Code Council
900 Montclair Rd.
Birmingham, AL 35213
(888) 422-7233, ext. 5524
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Exam Type


Exam Content

Subject Areas% of
General Communication Systems 17
Communication Wires / Cables Outside and Entering Buildings 20
Communication Wires / Cables within Buildings 20
Telecommunication System Protection and Grounding and Bonding 17
Optical Fiber Cables and Raceways 17
Computer Systems and Broadband Communications 10

Total number of test questions: 30
Time allowed (hours): 1.5

Books Permitted in the Exam

1. National Electrical Code (NFPA-70), 2014, NFPA Buy at Amazon
2. Ugly's Electrical References, Any Edition, George V. Hart. Buy at Amazon

Additional Allowed References
(Not used to write questions)

1. Ferm's Fast Finder Index, 2014 Edition, IAEI. Buy at Amazon
2. National Electrical Code Handbook, 2014, NFPA Buy at Amazon
3. Tom Henry's Key Word Index, 2014, Tom Henry. Buy at Amazon

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