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Overview - Our System

ContractorExam.Com’s Study System starts with our commitment to being able to provide exam preparation material that will enable a construction professional to study with peace of mind.  When you have taken advantage of CEC's building block study materials you will be confident on test day.

The study system includes 2 types of exam preparation building blocks/materials, each designed to enhance one another, but not be redundant.  State classifications differ from state to state.  Therefore, you can be assured that each of our exam preparations are as different as the trade requirements.

We already have many State Classifications in our database. If we don't have the trade/classification you are looking for, then tell us what state trade/classification you need by using the form on our “Contact Us” page.  We'll research it for you and design your preparation materials accordingly!

1. The Comprehensive Tutorial

2. The Practice Exam

1) The “Comprehensive Tutorial” contains questions, answers, and reference information. Questions also contain commentary (where applicable), math solutions (where needed) and diagrams when the question refers to one.

The Comprehensive Tutorial is designed for the individual who needs to have and own study aids.  We also call the Comprehensive Tutorial one of our building blocks because you have the all-important "book" reference to follow along with in the Code book or reference book should you choose to purchase these additional study aids or make use of the links to free references we may have on the website.

Having your own Reference and Code books is too often overlooked as a necessary part of the study process. Many exams are open book and you can take the book into the exam as a reference.  The Comprehensive Tutorial, when used properly, will help you learn the skill of accessing information in the books - a much needed skill on exam day.  The more familiar you are with a reference and its information, the faster and more efficient you will be when looking for the answer to a question.

2) Practice Tests are designed to be a compliment to the Tutorial and to be used only after you've studied the Comprehensive Tutorial. It is what the name implies, a practice test, designed to test your knowledge.

As with all the study aids we offer (being delivered electronically), we recommend that you take the file(s) to a print shop and have them printed and bound so that you can easily highlight and make notes.

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