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Our primary method of communicating with customers is through direct e-mail correspondence: replying to the confirmation e-mail or via the forms we provide on our site.  We do not have a sales staff to make calls and repeat the information that we already have posted on our web pages.  It is your responsibility to read the information and make your own decisions.

Do not use the forms below to ask us about detailed licensing requirements provided by state agencies, such as reciprocity, whether or not you need a bond or the amount of licensing fees. Please keep in mind that we are not the exam provider or the licensing agency; we offer study materials.

It is your responsibility to find the licensing agency's web site and/or contact information and research ALL of the requirements of your license thoroughly. 

We do provide contact information for state licensing agencies and exam providers on most of our trade pages as a courtesy.  This information is subject to change without notice; while we endeavor to maintain current links for your convenience, the state licensing agencies and exam providers do not notify us when they make changes to licensing requirements.

If you find a link to a state licensing agency or book source that is not working, we would appreciate it if you take a moment to complete the form below using the option "I'm reporting a bad link".

If you use our forms, please limit you inquiries to these issues:

  • You can't receive any of our e-mails (blocked, marked as spam).
  • Classifications/trade shown as not being offered on our trade pages.
  • If you haven't received your order within the time specified in the confirmation e-mail.
  • If you haven't received a “Please Confirm Your Order and Contact/Shipping Information” e-mail.
  • Problems using the website.
  • Multi-state/trade discounts.

Please, report your issues within three (3) days of placing your order.

Please use the button below to fill out the request form:

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