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FAQ #1

If I don't read this page, will I be held responsible for its contents?

  Yes.  It has been shown in credit card disputes that the card holder is responsible for published policies herein.

Keep in mind that we are a small business operated by people who do not believe in hiring an army of lawyers to write page after page of legal entrapments to default you into agreements that you don't understand.

Corporations do this to wash their hands of all responsibility for their actions.  We believe that this is ethically wrong and does not promote good will towards our customers.
FAQ #2

Should I wait to order?

  Yes.  If any of the following conditions exist in your license preparation scenario:
  1. I am not ready to study (see below about suggested timing of your order).

  2. I waited until the last minute and don't have time to study.  If this is the case, we recommend that you re-schedule your exam so that you have given yourself at least thirty (30) days to study, then order our study products.

  3. I am ordering too far in advance.  The files we create age.  Unlike a good wine, they have to be re-manufactured after six (6) months to remain viable because of the constant changes in requirements being done by state licensing agencies and exam administrators.

Our suggested time frame for ordering is not less than one month (30 days) or more than three months (90 days) before a scheduled exam date.

FAQ #3

Why haven't I received a reply to my e-mail request?

  All e-mails (including order receipts) are answered as quickly as volume allows and in the order they are received.  To avoid delays in communication, please refer to the BUYER NAME, and the LICENSE EXAM NAME as it appears on the order.  We do our best to answer e-mails on the same day they are received unless one of the following scenarios exist:
  1. You did not respond directly to an e-mail from
    cust.service [at] when a reply was requested.

  2. You did not use the contact form on our “Contact Us” page which collects all the information we need to locate your order in our system.

  3. Our e-mails are being blocked by your e-mail server.  See FAQ #5 for more info.

  4. You are e-mailing after normal business hours during weekdays which is 10:00am to 6:00pm (mountain time), or you are e-mailing on a weekend or national holiday.

  5. You are e-mailing prior to receiving a “Please Confirm Your Order” e-mail.  Please keep in mind, your order is processed through the payment processor and THEN an e-mail of your payment receipt is received by us.  This is not an automated process.

  6. You refused to give us any information about your order.   A contact form that does not include the NAME, as it appears on the order, a correct e-mail address and an exam name may not receive a response.

  7. You did not give us order information that matched our database.  Sometimes we see wives and secretaries ordering for the licensee.  They complicate matters by using an e-mail that does not match the address they gave the payment processor to pay for their order.  

    Please be certain that the name and the e-mail address match the information on the order receipt you received from the payment processor.

  8. You did not read this page completely.  We often receive e-mails that ask questions we've already answered on our FAQ and policy page.  You may receive a re-direct back to this page and a specific FAQ.

  9. Your e-mail was too vague.  Sometimes we receive nondescript comments like “I didn't like what you sent.”  If you disagree with our methods or content, you will at some point be asked to submit a complete, detailed summary of exactly what questions or answers are incorrect and why you believe these questions will not help you pass an exam.

    Please read the product information provided on the web site to avoid issues such as this.
FAQ #4

I ordered products from a page that said they would be sent via e-mail.  Why haven't I received my files?

  There are usually two reasons for this:
  1. You did not receive or reply to the initial e-mail we sent with the subject “Please confirm your ContractorExam Order # XXXXX” e-mail.  90% of the time, product delivery delays are caused by customers not responding to e-mails.  If you don't receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours of ordering, there is a problem (usually on your end).  If you're using a Microsoft account (MSN, Outlook, or Hotmail), it may be virtually impossible to send any e-mails to your mailbox because of their aggressive and random blocking techniques.

  2. Our e-mails are being marked as “spam” or “junk” by your e-mail server.  You will have to add a filter to your mail box configuration to allow our e-mails (at) -OR-

    We found an article that will help most people to unblock our e-mails:
    How to whitelist an e-mail address with Gmail, or Yahoo! Mail

FAQ #5

Are e-mailed orders sent on the same day I receive the payment processor receipt?

  Normally, Yes.  If there is some reason why we can not deliver your order within 24 hours, we'll try to e-mail you.  If you don't respond, we'll try to call the number you provided in your order.

FAQ #6

Will I receive books or printed materials?

  No.  All study materials are sent via e-mail as PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files. If you want your study materials printed, you must do so on your own printer -or- better yet...  find a printing shop like FedEx Office and have them do the printing and binding.  We recommend calling the store before you arrive to find out what form of media they will accept (flash drive, USB phone transfer, etc.).

We do not sell any of the reference books recommended by the exam administrators.  It is up to you to research prices and sources for new and used books.  We have provided many FREE books, statutes and pamphlets on our trade research pages.
FAQ #7

If I buy your study materials, will the questions that I receive be the same questions that are on the test?

  Definitely NOT!  The exact text of the exam questions are copyrighted and owned by either the state or the exam administrator.  We write our study questions to follow the state suggested reference books and statutory code.  It would be a violation of copyright law if we were to make any attempt to answer questions about specific questions that would appear on an exam.

IMPORTANT:  Do not take our sample questions into the exam location.  They will be confiscated and you may have to pay your exam fees again.
FAQ #8

If I memorize your questions, will I pass my test?

  Definitely NOT!  Study our questions so that you are familiar with how to quickly find the answers in the code book.  Our sample questions will drill you in learning the layout of the book and knowing where to find the correct text.  Remember, most exams are open book.  You are allowed to either take a state approved trade reference book into the exam or they will provided at the exam location. 

Designated administrators such as Prometric, ICC and PSI have strict rules about making notes in reference books.  Your personal copy may be confiscated at the door.  Make sure you read the candidate bulletin carefully BEFORE you show up for your exam so that you don't end up re-paying exam fees.
FAQ #9

What is your refund policy?

  Information about refunds are located on the “Refund Policy” page which can be accessed from the top navigation area of any web page.
FAQ #10

Does it matter what version of a code book (i.e. 2012 vs. 2015) the questions are sourced?

  Most exams are open book.  Our main goal is to teach you how to quickly and efficiently access the information in the code book.  The material usually has minimum changes between editions.  If the material you receive is from an earlier edition, we reassure you that the information is still in there, but with a different reference (i.e., paragraph or page number).  Our researchers are constantly reviewing our materials to change any and all flaws in the references or changes in the code.
FAQ #11

I know that a question in one of the items you sent is wrong.  What do I do?


Use our “Contact Us” page to let us know as soon as you find the problem.  Be prepared to give a detailed list of questions that you think are wrong and why.

One mistake that some customers make is that they order study materials and wait weeks or months to check the accuracy of the information. 

If you've waited more than three months to start reviewing our materials, then, depending on the current legal requirements of your licensing process, the materials we have sent may be out-of-date and no longer useful.  Also, some of the questions in your PDF file may have been removed, thus, they have been purged from our database.

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