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Statewide Classifications


Business Management

Business and Law for General Contractors


Residential and General Contractor

Commercial General Building Contractor

Commercial General Contractor - Limited Tier Individual

Commercial General Contractor - Qualifying Agent

Commercial General Contractor - Limited Tier Qualifying Agent

Residential - Basic Contractor

Residential - Light Commercial


Utility Construction

Utility Manager



Electrical Contractor - Class I (Restricted)

Electrical Contractor - Class II (Unrestricted)

Low Voltage - Alarm

Low Voltage - General

Low Voltage - Telecommunications

Low Voltage - Unrestricted



Journeyman Plumber

Master Plumber - Class I (Restricted)

Master Plumber - Class II (Unrestricted)



Conditioned Air Contractor - Class I (Restricted)

Conditioned Air Contractor - Class II (Unrestricted)



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