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Aug 2018 Update
We are unable to find updated exam information on the ProV web site.
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Statewide Classifications



Master Electrician

Journeyman Electrician


Limited Electrical

Gasoline Dispensing

House Wiring

Low Energy and Fire Alarms


Traffic Signals, including Outdoor Lighting of Traffic Signals



Master Plumber

Journeyman Plumber


Fuel Technician

Master Solid Fuel Technician

Journeyman Solid Fuel Technician

PNG Appliance Connection and Service Technician

PNG Large Equipment Installation and Service Technician

PNG Tank Setter and Outside Piping Technician



Boiler Operator

Stationary Steam Engineer - Third Class

Stationary Steam Engineer - Fourth Class


Oil Burner

Master Oil Burner Technician - 1 and 2 Oils (Up to 15 gph)

Journeyman Oil Burner Technician - 1 and 2 Oils (Up to 15 gph)


Additional Notes

Study materials with this background are currently not being offered.

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