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Statewide Classifications


Business Management

Electrical Business and Law

Mechanical Business and Law

Plumbing Business and Law



Limited Electrical Contractor

Unlimited Electrical Contractor

Unlimited Electrical Journeyman

Refinery Electrical Journeyman

Residential Electrical Contractor

Residential Electrical Journeyman



Plumbing Contractor and Gas

Plumbing Journeyman and Gas



Natural Gas Contractor

Natural Gas Journeyman

Process Piping Contractor

Process Piping Journeyman

Sheet Metal Contractor

Sheet Metal Journeyman

HVACR Contractor - Limited

HVACR Journeyman - Limited

HVACR Contractor - Unlimited

HVACR Journeyman - Unlimited

Refrigeration Contractor

Refrigeration Journeyman

Limited Residential Journeyman


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