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The Legacy Practice Test Set

What is a Legacy Practice Test Set?

The Legacy Practice Test Setis an older style collection of three multiple choice practice exams that is very similar to the format provided by the major exam providers (PSI, Prometric, ProV, Pearson Vue and International Code Council).  These exams are usually given on a computer but sometime are done on paper and pencil format.

Veiw Sample File

EachPractice Test you receive from us is actually three individual exams in one, formatted as multiple choice questions. The Practice Tests are e-mailed inAdobe Acrobat Reader format.  At the end of eachPractice Test you will find an answer key page with correct answers.

Practice Tests are designed to be a compliment to the Tutorial and ideally to be used only after you've studied the Tutorial material.  Practice Tests are not a complete training aid. They are what the name implies, a practice test, designed to test your knowledge and ability to look up the answers in the approved reference books or statute code sections.

One of the tasks that the user must embrace is the job of locating the source of the sample questions in the text of the code book or state statutes. This is a vital skill you will need in an exam. The faster you can find an answer, the more questions you'll have time to complete.

Most state licensing exams are open book implying that memorization is not the key to passing an exam.  The ability to find answer quickly is more useful to the student.  That is why we believe that the more random practice questions you are given to find in the text, the better you will develop your skills in finding the answers quickly and efficiently.

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