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The Trade Tutorial

What is a Trade or Basic Knowledge Tutorial?

This product contains sample questions, multiple choice answers, correct answers, reference information, commentary (if applicable), math calculations/solutions, and diagrams when the question refers to one.

Having your own reference and/or code book is too often overlooked as a necessary part of the study process. Many exams are open book which means that you can usually take approved references into the exam.

Our Trade Tutorial (not allowed in the exam), when used properly, will help you learn the skill of accessing information in reference books - a much needed skill on exam day.

What is a Comprehensive Tutorial?

That information is located on this page: Comprehensive Tutorials

General Info

We design our tutorials for the individual who needs to have customized study aids (by trade).  Sample questions are based on a random sampling of subject matter from code books/statutes AND our thirty plus years of construction industry experience and knowledge of the types of questions that you might see on an exam.

We do not publish the number of questions you will be receiving on our trade pages because it is not an “off the shelf” item.  The content is constantly being enhanced by adding more questions based on new versions of references books and demand (popularity) of books being used for multiple jurisdictions.

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