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The Tutorial

What is a Tutorial?

Tutorials consist of multiple choice sample questions, answers, and a "where to find" the answer paragraph based on the book list and subject areas shown on the individual trade/license pages on our site.

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When using this type of product, the student should look up the location of the answer immediately while looking at the question and correct answer.  This format helps the student learn how the code book or statute is organized and indexed.  It also skips the step of having to find the correct chapter of the book to locate the answer.

The Tutorial is a very useful tool for learning how to navigate your way through complicated legal code and technical manuals.  It is intended to familiarize you with the recommended reference(s) for a given trade.

The Tutorial PDF file will be delivered to you via e-mail, saving mailing time and allows you to print the study material as a book.  We recommend that you take your files to a copy shop like Kinko's and have them print and bind all the pages together.  This will allow you to easily go through the questions, do highlighting and make your own notations.

Can I Use the Tutorial in the Exam?

DEFINATELY NOT!  Only use our study materials at home

Occasionally an exam proctor may misidentify our Tutorials and Practice Tests as “inside information”.  Some illegal providers have been known in the past to send moles into an exam for the purpose of collecting copyrighted/proprietary exam questions.

We make no claims whatsoever that any of our sample questions will match questions seen on an actual exam.  If that DOES happen, it is merely by coincidence; it is not our intention to duplicate the actual exam.  If you do make the mistake of taking our study materials to an exam, they will probably be confiscated at the door AND you will forfeit all of the fees you paid.

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