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West Virginia
License Exam Preparation

General Info
Several of the specialty trade pages listed for West Virginia are for information only because the state has chosen to use non-standardized books for their exam questions.
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Statewide Classifications


Business Management

Business and Law



Electrical Contractor

Journeyman Electrician

Master Electrician

Specialty Electrician
(HVAC, Electric Sign, Single Family Dwelling, Elevator, Fire and Burglar Alarm)



Journeyman Plumber

Master Plumber

Plumbing Contractor


Specialty Trades

Concrete Contractor

Excavation Contractor

General Building Contractor

General Engineering Contractor

Heating, Ventilating and Cooling Contractor

Masonry Contractor

Multifamily Contractor

Piping Contractor

Remodeling and Repair Contractor

Residential Contractor

Sprinklers and Fire Protection

Steel Erection Contractor

Utilities (Water and Sewer) Contractor


Additional Notes

Trades with this background are for information and links to books only.

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