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About Us: Our History, How We Do Business (policies) and Who Creates Our Content

Who are the people behind the products offered here?

Generally, we work from home.  We don't have physical offices, secretaries, company cars, body guards or Learjets.

We all come from very eclectic backgrounds.  We are a small group of legal researchers, web designers, programmers and document preparation professionals.  One member of our group was involved in preparing multi-volume proposals for the Department of Defense while working for SAIC in San Diego back in the 1990's.

No, we don‘t have university degrees in what we do.  We‘ve been to the school of “hands-on” experience... in the “trenches” of various corporations.  These corporations did their best to break our wills and make us do things we knew were unethical and dishonest.  We all decided that was bad for our health and well-being.

This kind of corporate behavior stands out today with social media companies censoring any opposing view to the “established” way of thinking.  We don‘t believe this is what most people want.  They want peace, harmony and the freedom to live their lives in their own unique way without any interference from government or “tech giants“ telling them how to think or do.


This site has been on the Internet since 1998.  We are celebrating our 26th anniversary this year.  The web history of the site can be found on the “Wayback Machine” which is a site that randomly takes a “snapshot” of the pages on a web site and attempts to show you how a site looked in the past.  This allows the user to see the various transformations that happened over the years.  The history supporting our claim can be found here:

Wayback Machine History

Remember, any web pages you view has very old info. Phone numbers, buy links and addresses are not supported at all.

If you click on the history for the year 2000, you‘ll see that the site was once owned by a company called “Greenview Enterprises”.  The company and it's owners are long gone.

Back then, no products were offered in electronic format and the owner actaully had to travel to the states of Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah to teach in-person classes.  Sample exam questions had to be printed, bound and mailed.  The company also old books during those years.

After the traveling classes were phased out, the owner decided to produce instructional videos on DVD that customers could have mailed along with their practice exams.  Those products sold for $350 to $450.

Negative reviews

We don't ask customers to do any reviews on third-party web sites.  Why?  Because as far as we can tell, very few review web sites can prove letgitimacy; meaning that there are too many fake users on those sites.  Companies can pay for fake A.I. robots (like ChatGPT) to write reviews.

The most recent re-acquisition of the company was back in 2016 after an identity theif tried to steal the intellectual property owned by its creators.  He also took orders using a PayPal account and did not intend to send the customers what they ordered.  The true owners of the content quickly re-gained control and restored the business to a trusted source of study materials.

If you see negative reviews posted on “complaint sites” from that period, you'll understand what happened.  We've tried many times to removed these comments since the people who posted the comments can’t be found but, the owners of those sites are running a “pay to play” scam, where they demand you pay thousands of dollars to have the comments removed or verified.

Domain registration verification

One way for customers to verify the stated history of a specific site‘s existence on the web is to look up their WHOIS database history.  For example, if a site says on their “About Us” page that they've been around since 1995, they should have a registration date in the WHOIS that shows that year as “Registered On:".  Our current registration record can be found here:

WHOIS Database History

What's Up With All The Crazy Colors?

No other sites that we have found operated by our competitors have tried to compress as much information about a license exam into a single web page as we have.  These other sites simply list very basic info and sometimes show book titles that they sell.  The info is displayed on a white background and black text which makes it primarily viewable on a phone.  Also, if you have a full size, 24 inch monitor, we've sized our text to take advantage of a larger screen.  Other sites force you manually re-size the text to make it easier to read.

By categorizing the information posted on a page and separating it by color, it's easier for your mind to remember what you've seen.  We always put important notices about mistakes we've found in the exam bulletin and upcoming code changes on a red background.

List of Information We Research for You

Below is a list of informational items for each license exam that we provide:

  1. Your government licensing agency's name, address & phone number and link to their web site (many exam bulletins exclude this info).
  2. The name of the exam administrator that provides testing and scheduling.
  3. Links to the exam administrator's web site where applicants can find exam bulletins with instructions on how to submit their licensing application. Bulletins also contain exam scheduling information.
  4. Whether the exam is OPEN or CLOSED book type status.
  5. A “Scope of Work” (on some pages) detailing what the jurisdiction is authoring you to do on the job or what your duties and responsibilities are.
  6. Exam content (subjects you should study) from the provider's published exam bulletin.
  7. A summary of the number of questions on the exam and the time allowed to take the exam.
  8. Additional links and notations about Business & Law requirements.
  9. A List of books ALLOWED or NOT ALLOWED at the exam location and links to where they can be purchased. We also note when a book is over-priced and only available from ONE source.
  10. Links for each book title taking the user to a web site where the can purchase or download the book or statute.
  11. The Status of our current study material (practice exam) offerings (AVAILABLE or UNAVAIABLE).
  12. A link to our “OSHA Resource” page where you can find additional FREE study material related to OSHA codes when your exam has OSHA-related questions.
  13. Finally, if we find any typos or mistakes in the exam bulletin text such as:  a book list not agreeing with the content (books that don't belong in the list), wrong code versions, upcoming code version changes and general info that will help you with unpublished knowledge you should know before applying for the exam.

Social Media

Why don't we have several social media accounts and logos on our site?  First, the problem with adding social media logos... most people don't realize that every logo that you see on a web page, whether you click on it or not, is sending a signal to the associated company, like Facebook, telling them “I was on this site, on this date and time.  I am using this internet provider and here is my approximate physical location”.

Our pricing

We haven‘t raised our prices since before COVID started. Basically, our prices are based on content (number of sample questions) and our competitor's pricing for similar sets of questions. The price for a specific jurisdiction (county, state) is based on the set of practice exam questions with the most number of questions being the top-level of pricing then sample questions with less number of questions are priced based on the comparison to the set with the most questions as a percentage.

Bigger is Not Better

When you see practice exams offered by mega corporations like PSI that supposedly write the exam questions, don't assume they know what they‘re doing.  PSI doesn't do that well either, noted by the complaints we've seen.  We‘ve had many customers tell us that the practice exams they offer are a waste of time and money.  Many only cover “generic” content that is not specific to an exam or or jurisdiction.  Note that there is no “ratings” option on their site for practire exams. Example:

PSI Electrical Practice Exam Offer Page

They only offer “subscriptions” meaning that you need constant internet access to study -AND- the “subscription” is only good for 90 days. After that, you pay again.  Do you see any “reviews” on their offer page?

Also note that you must subscribe to several offerings from PSI to have access to the number of questions we normally provide.  Our Master Electrician practice exams usually contain 2,000 to 2,100 sample questions.

Updated:  7/9/24

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