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(SRE) Statutes & Rules Training Course for Contractor Licensing

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Arizona Registrar of Contractors
1700 W. Washington St, Suite 105
Phoenix, AZ  85007
Phone: (877) 692-9762
Exam Provider
Orem, UT
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This exam/training course is an online, “self-paced” program using your own computer AFTER all other initial licensing requirements are met (see page #1 of PSI bulletin for Residential & Commercial license exams)

This course must be completed before any other exam can be scheduled

Arizona Contractor Rules: Title 4, Chapt. 9, Arizona Administrative Code
PDF File Link
Arizona Contractor Licensing Law, Title 32, Chapt. 10, AZROC
PDF File Link

NOTE:  If you prefer to study from paper copies of the codes listed above, we recommend that you call the licensing agency and ask if they sell copies before you absorb the expense of printing yourself.

Study materials will be included with other offerings

Any trade exam study materials we offer for Arizona will include sample questions from the statutes shown above.

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