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(R-1) Radio Service Dealer, Certified Electronic Technician, Owner

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Connecticut DCP
Television & Radio Work Licensing

450 Columbus Blvd, Suite 901
Hartford, CT  06103
E-Mail:  Howard Osden
Exam Provider
PSI Licensure: Certification
3210 E. Tropicana
Las Vegas, NV  89121
Phone:  (855) 746-8171
Exam Type
Exam Content
Subject Areas# of
Electronics & Digital Theory15
Electronics Components & Components Selection4
Audio Component Basics8
Audio Component Troubleshooting8
Rules & Regulations5
Total number of test questions:
Time allowed (hours):

In addition to the trade-specific examination, you are required to pass the Connecticut Business & Law Exam offered by PSI.

Books NOT Allowed in the Exam
Troubleshooting Consumer Electronics Audio Circuits, 1999, Homer L. Davidson
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Audio System Technology: Level 1, 1999, Giddings
Buy at Amazon
Troubleshooting and Repairing Consumer Electronics without a Schematic, 1997, Homer L. Davidson
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Connecticut Occupational Licensing Law, Chapter 394.Sec. 20-342 Television & Radio Service Dealers & Electronics Technicians
Web Page Link
Practical Home Theater - A Guide to Video and Audio Systems, Mark Fleischmann
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Electronic Components: A Complete Reference for Project Builders, 1992
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