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(W-2) Limited Water Well Driller

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Connecticut DCP
Occupational & Construction Licensing

450 Columbus Blvd, Suite 801
Hartford, CT  06103
(860) 713-6135
Exam Provider
PSI Services LLC
3210 E. Tropicana
Las Vegas, NV  89121
Phone:  (855) 746-8171
Exam Type
Exam Content
Subject Areas# of
General Regulations7
Drilling & Boreholes5
Casings & Screens5
Grouting & Sealing5
Contamination Prevention5
Safety & General Knowledge4
Pumps & Tanks6
Total number of test questions:
Time allowed (hours):

In addition to the trade-specific examination, you are required to pass the Connecticut Business & Law Exam offered by PSI.

Books Allowed in the Exam
Connecticut Occupational Licensing Law, Ch. 482, Well Drilling, Sec. 25-126 thru Sec. 25-137
Web Page Link
Water Systems Handbook, 12th Edition, Water Systems Council
Book Source
Manual of Water Well Construction Practices, 3rd Edition, Stuart Smith, NGWA
Book Source
Water Well Driller's Beginning Training Manual, 3rd Edition, NGWA
Book Source
Public Health Statutes: Section 19a-36-???, Public Health Code, Fees, Public Pools, Wells
Web Page Link
Public Health Statutes: Section 19a-37-???, Regulation of Water Supply Wells and Springs
Web Page Link
Public Health Regulations: Sections 19-13-B51a to 19-13-B51l
Web Page Link
Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies: Title 25 Water Resources, Sec. 25-128-33 thru 25-128-64
Web Page Link

NOTICE:  The statutory citation for references #5 and #6 are incomplete.  The link provided is to the "Connecticut Regulations" search page.  We can not provide a direct link to the code sections.

NOTICE:  The specific statutory citation for reference #7 returns an error on the regulation search page.  HINT: use the advanved search for "Section Number Starts With" and enter "19-13-B51" to find all subsections referenced.

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