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COVID-19 Exam OPENing Info & Tips

Good News!

Even during this so-called “pandemic”, new home builds/sales are steadily increasing.  Can you imagine what's going to happen when the economy is in full swing again?  People will be going back to work and, we believe, will have more money in their collective pockets because of new tax breaks/holidays.  Please see “New Home Sales Data” from June from this link:

Please, DO NOT Get Discouraged!

Contractors are the backbone of the independent labor force in the United States.  Who else is going to fix, build and design all the infrastructure we use every day?  YOU ARE NEEDED!

General Procedures at Test Centers

Not much has changed since the end of June when mask wearing mandates were activated.  Most testing centers will make you prove that you’re not hiding test answers under your PPEs.  Be prepared to have your temperature taken and asked medical questions about your state of health.

CAUTION:  Do not volunteer any medical information at the test center or on any forms!

For example: PSI is e‑mailing a questionnaire you are required to fill out before you take your exam.  You will be asked general questions about where you’ve been and if you’ve been around infected people.  We advise that you read these heath questions BEFORE you schedule your exam so you don’t have to waste time and money rescheduling. 

PSI Exams

PSI is now showing all sites open and available for testing.

You can find the list of locations by first clicking on the button below.  Then, click on the link for “PSI’s Test Center Openings”.  Select “USA” in the dropdown list for “Select Country/Location” to view testing locations by city name.

The easy way to do this on a desktop or laptop computer to click once on the list, press “u” on your keyboard, then use your down arrow key twice (if you have one).

IMPORTANT:  PSI is now listing the questions you will be asked in the e-mailed questionnaire on this web page under the title “Test Center Safety” so you can be well prepared for what will be expected.

PSI Exams

ICC Exams and Pearson VUE

From the information posted on the page linked below, Pearson is not maintaining a detailed list of open facilities.  They expect you to contact them first at (877) 234-6082 to determine if you need pre-approval.  If not, you can ask about a specific exam location being open.  They’ll probably have alternate locations you can choose from.

Pearson VUE has very detailed rules about face masks and being tested for the virus.  You must read their information page carefully BEFORE you show up for an exam.  See “Latest Health and Safety Requirements...”

ICC Exams and Pearson VUE


After you click the button below, at the top of the page you'll see a navigation drop-down labeled “COVID-19 UPDATE”.  Click on “Site Openings”. Testing sites are listed by state and city.

Prometric Exams

Other Providers

If your state does not use a third party testing company, your exam is probably administered by a state licensing agency.  We advise that you wait to contact them until 10 to 30 days has passed after your state governor has announced that government offices will re-open.

The states doing their own testing include:  California, Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

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