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COVID-19 Exam Closure Info & Tips

First, we'd like to let all of our customers know that this “crisis” does not effect our sales capability in any way.  There will not be any delays in getting your order to you.

We are providing links below (and on most of our trade pages) to the large players in the testing business and their statement(s) about closures and delays.

Please note that this event probably took these companies by surprise and they probably don’t even have the staff to answer their phones.  Calling may be a waste of time during the panic.

If you’re trying to cancel or re-schedule your exam, use your exam provider’s web site (and the account you already set up) to notify them of a change in plans on your part.

If you’ve scheduled an exam date, do not plan to make the trip to the test site until you’ve received a confirmation from your exam provider about the status of your exam.  They may tell you that all exam dates are suspended until further notice.

If you’re sick now and have an exam coming up soon, just cancel the exam.  The good news is that you’ll have more time to study.

Just keep in mind, if you’re not well, go into an exam location and start caughing, they’ll probably remove you and not refund your money.  Masks may not be an acceptable item to bring into the exam.

Obviously, exam dates published in bulletins will not be valid for some (extended) time.  Don’t expect exam providers to correct the published dates immediately.

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