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Minnesota DOLI
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Detailed exam content and specific sub-category subjects for each plumbing code chapter are fonud under the heading of "Examination Knowledge Area" in the linked exam guide below:

Subject AreaNo. of
Basic Plumbing Principles
Conformance with Code
Chapter 2 – Definitions
Chapter 3 – General Regulations76
Chapter 4 – Plumbing Fixtures & Fixture Fittings129
Chapter 5 – Water Heaters35
Chapter 6 – Water Supply & Distribution213
Chapter 7 – Sanitary Drainage, Part I - Drainage Systems112
Chapter 7 – Sanitary Drainage, Part II - Building Sewers152
Chapter 8 – Indirect Wastes57
Chapter 9 – Vents66
Chapter 10 – Traps and Intercepts70
Chapter 11 – Storm Drainage76
Chapter 16 – Non-Potable Rainwater Cachment Systems47
MN Chapter 4716 – Plumber Licensing & Registraion6
MN Admin Rules Ch. 13002
Statutes Related to the Minnesota Plumbing Code1
Total number of test points:
Time allowed (hours):
Minnesota Plumbing Code, Chapter 4714, 2020
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Minnesota Plumbing Code (online version), 2020, IAPMO
Web Page Link
Plumbing rules Chapter 4716
Web Page Link
Minnesota Statute Chapter sections 326B.41 to 326B.49
Web Page Link

NOTE:  On page one of the exam bulletin it states: "The plumbing and water conditioning license exam is based on the 2020 edition of Minnesota Chapter 4714, Chapter 144, Chapter 325, and Chapter 326". Chapter 4714 is the known plumbing code linked above, but the other statutes listed are either outdated or do not apply to this license.

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