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Minnesota DOLI
Electrical Contractor Licensing

443 Lafayette Road North
St. Paul, MN  55155
Phone: (651) 284-5031
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Please consult the exam guide for more detailed information about subject sub-categories listed in this table.  The button below will allow you to view or download the Electrical License Examination Guide.

Exam Bulletin Link

Knowledge Areas
4Introduction (90)
13General Requirements
25Wiring and Protection
39Wiring Methods and Materials
83Communications Systems
3Applied Electrical Theory, Electrical Systems and Equipment
Total number of test questions:
Time allowed (hours):

NOTE:  The study material we are offering for this exam will include sample questions for the last subject area (above) from “Ugly's Electrical References” which will be added to your order.

Books Allowed in the Exam
National Electrical Code (NFPA-70), 2023, NFPA
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Electrical Codes and Rules, Minnesota Statutes
Web Page Link

NOTE: Since the DOLI bulletin does not list specific "Codes and Rules" sections (from reference #2) to study for your exam, they will not be included in our sample questions.

Additional Recommended Books

The books listed below are NOT allowed at the exam location

Ferm's Fast Finder Index, 2023, IAEI
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Tom Henry's Key Word Index, 2023, Tom Henry
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We highly recommend that you purchase one of the reference books above to study for your exam.  Each book is a comprehensive subject index to the NEC.  They provide an even faster way to look up answers in the code and are far more detailed than the index at the end of the code book.

Ugly's Electrical References, 2023, Charles Miller
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Practical Calculations for Electricians, 2023, Ray Holder
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Reference #2 above contains practical applications of the NEC such as Ohm‘s Law, series/parallel circuits, voltage drop, load calculations, motor phases, impedance, inductance and math formulas you are expected to know.  “Basic Knowledge” is covered in the exam but detailed subjects are assumed and not specifically called out in the bulletin.

A "calculations" book where you can drill yourself repeatedly is always a good way to remember the most basic math procedures.  Generally, you won't have time during an exam to search for these procedures in a book.

Available Study Materials
Satellite System Installer
Practice Exam

Sample exam questions are sourced from the National Electrical Code (NEC) and Ugly's Electrical References (2020 or 2023 versions).  Sample questions are fully indexed and cross referenced to help you navigate back to the same location where you left off between study sessions.

An additional table has been created that is specific to this exam relating the "Examination Knowledge Areas" table shown in the Minnesota Electrical Exam Guide to NEC Article numbers.

Bookmarks have been added to help the user randomly jump to specific questions related to NEC Articles in the code.

The total approx. number of sample questions in this package:  315

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