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Frequently Asked Questions About OSHA

What is OSHA?

OSHA is an acronym for “Occupational Safety and Health Administration” which is a sub-division of the United States Department of Labor

The web address for this agency is:

Why do I need to know about OSHA?

Many exam administrators (PSI, Prometric, ICC, ProV) write test questions based on federal statutes called the “Code of Federal Regulations” or “CFR”.

The following three titles shown here are the sections of the federal code (Title 29) that relate to the construction industry:

Hawaii and Louisiana

Please note, if you're taking an exam for one of these states, most of their exam bulletins are out-dated and it is difficult to decide which versions of OSHA are being used to write exam questions.  We recommend calling the state licensing board for those states and inquire as to which OSHA code version they are using to write questions.

Is there a construction industry-specific book that helps you find answers to questions in an exam?

Yes!  There is a free PDF version of a 76-page (mobile friendly) pamphlet that was published in 2015 by the US Department of Labor titled "OSHA Construction Industry Digest" (publication #2202-09R) and is available from the link below:

OSHA Construction Industry Digest

This pamphlet outlines some of the construction industry code sections you will need for your exam.  However, if you are taking a PSI exam, this reference will not be allowed in the exam area because PSI publishes their own version that you must purchase.

What is the best way to get a printed copy of this pamphlet?

You can copy the file onto a USB stick and have the file printer at a copy center like FedEx Office. You will save money if you ask them to print the pages on both sides of the paper and in black and white.  The cost to print files in color can be as much as $25.

If you live near any of the regional offices listed in the pamphlet, you might be able to buy the pamphlet at their office for under $5.00.  Call ahead to confirm copies are available.

Are there more free OSHA publications that might help me in an exam? is a website that hosts several free OSHA publications.  However, some of the downloadable files they offer are not the latest versions.  If you want the latest versions of these pamphlets, you will have to search the Department of Labor site and start digging.  Here is a link to EZ Safety School's download page:

OSHA Brochures and Booklets (FREE)
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Updated:  8/5/22

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