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From this page you will find links to OSHA-related resources designed to help you unravel the massive amount of government codes that make up both the federal and state levels of OSHA.

Remember, only specific sections of the federal code has been used to write exam questions.  It covers every trade and every industry.  For example, if you're doing plumbing work, why would you need to know about explosives safety?

PSI Exams:

If you're taking an exam administered by PSI and the bulletin only lists the PSI “excerpts” version of “29 CFR Part 1926”, you'll have to use the PSI proprietary book. ┬áIn most cases, this book can be taken into an exam location.  Read your exam bulletin CAREFULLY.  Sometimes it‘s hard to tell in the bulletin text which books can be used during the exam.  You can purchase the PSI book by clicking on the PSI Logo below.

In some newer PSI bulletins, they recommend a more up-to-date version of the federal code published by MANCOMM as an alternate.  Details about this alternate can be found from the first button below.

If you’re given a choice in your bulletin, we recommend the MANCOMM book because it is current and better quality binding.  There’s not much price difference between the two books.  We also recommend the “spiral” bind version vs the paperback binding.  It’s far easier to lay the book flat.

Be careful about highlighting and notations.  The book may be confiscated.  Again, read your exam bulletin CAREFULLY.

PLEASE NOTE: the link to the current version of the MANCOMM book shown in the PSI bulletin is almost never right and usually takes you to an error page.

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