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Refund Policies & Procedures

30-Day Purchase Guarantee

Our first assumption will be that you followed our directions and allowed at least thirty (30) days of study time before your actual scheduled exam date to prepare.

If you placed an order and then discovered that the exam provider changed book/code versions before you could complete your expected study study period or take your exam, we will refund your purchase after verifying that your claim is valid.  You may be required to send a copy of the notice from the exam provider showing your scheduled exam date.

Lifetime Updates

You are automatically added to the email notifications for updates to your files unless you choose the option to NOT receive them when you download your files.  Notifications are sent out when we find errors or add features like bookmarks to cross reference questions in the answer key.


Authorized Refunds

In all cases below, where a refund is authorized, we will ask you to destroy/delete the files you received.  Our file delivery service automatically disables the secure link you received in email.

Extenuating Circumstances

Since we have gone to great lengths describing our products and provide links to samples files, no refunds can be issued for downloaded files, unless, you can describe in detail what went wrong to cause your files to become unusable.

Third Party Orders

A “third party order” is one where the licensee designates some other person, like a secretary or spouse to place their order.

Usually, the third party will mis-represent themselves and use the licensee's name, email and credit card which, on it's face, could be considered fraud and/or identity theft.

If we suspect this has happened, we will most likely delay any refunds until the actual licensee contacts us directly and explains, in detail, what happened.

If this applies to you, and your boss or supervisor asked you to do the ordering, we will need to get a phone number for the licensee and take the time to verify that he/she will actually accept or reject the materials you ordered.

We are forced to do this because we’ve seen too many requests for refunds by individuals who have no idea what they are ordering or why.

Other Exceptions

You will be entitled to a partial refund or file replacement when one of the following conditions exist:

  1. The files you received had content errors (mis-quoted code sections) or wrong answer key values.
  2. The files you received are corrupt (damaged) and will not open on your desktop or laptop computer.

Content Errors & Corrupt Files

If you are claiming that the files you received have content errors such as incorrect code references in the answer key or questions that can not be found in the code book, you will be asked to provide a few of the incorrect questions and/or wrong answers so that we can verify your claim.

Any defective (corrupt) files will be REPLACED AT NO CHARGE.

(updated: 3/20/22)
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