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About Our Study Materials

We do not sell books (of any kind).  We sell sample exam questions packaged in PDF file format based on information published by exam (testing) companies or by a state‘s licensing board.  We provide links on our trade/license pages to help you find suppliers of books.  We also provide links to statue code (rules and regulations) that is required study material for your exam, but we do not sell copies of that code.

Practice Exam Details

When you order our Study Materials you will be provided with Sample Exam Questions.  Each set of study materials will present numbered questions in a multiple choice format, including True and False options.

The correct answers will be provided along with an index of where to locate the answers in the reference material (code book or regulation), as well as supplemental information used for clarification of an answer, as needed.  When applicable, at the end of the answer key, you will find a “Content Summary” outlining the subject areas that each jurisdiction‘s testing administrator recommends candidates study in order to pass their exam.

The Content Summary will also include helpful notes on alternate study references, similar or unchanged code versions, and/or subject exclusions, such as drawings or other material not found in code books or statutes.

Most of the study materials we provide also contain PDF bookmarks as a bonus feature to help you navigate the code book.  Bookmarks allow you to quickly navigate between chapters, article section numbers (NEC) or subject titles.

It is recommended that, when using the Practice Exam, you have a blank sheet of paper to cover the answer sheet and make notes as you study.  When you begin studying with the Practice Exam, first make an effort to test your knowledge by answering the question on your own.

Whether or not you have answered the question correctly, make an attempt to find where the answer would be found in the study reference. Hint: the answers should appear in the same order as found in the reference.  Once you have found the reference relating to the question, use it to verify your answer.  The faster you can find an answer, the more questions you'll have time to complete on the actual exam.

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Most state licensing exams are OPEN BOOK, implying that memorization is not the key to passing an exam.  The ability to locate answers quickly is more useful than memorizing content.  We believe that, not only will our Practice Exams help you to become more familiar with the subject matter presented, you will also develop your skills in finding the answers quickly and efficiently in any reference.

Can I Use the Practice Test in the Exam?

DEFINITELY NOT!  Leave your study materials at home.

Occasionally an exam proctor may misidentify our Practice Tests as “inside information”.  Be prepared to be thoroughly searched before entering an exam area.  It's very important to read the restricted item list in the exam bulletin BEFORE showing up for an exam.  If you do make the mistake of taking our study materials to an exam, prepare for them to be confiscated at the door AND forfeitinging all the fees you paid.

Do Your Questions Actually Appear on an Exam?

We make no claims whatsoever, and it is not our intention, to duplicate any question seen on an actual exam.  If that were to happen, it would be purely coincidental.

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