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Master Electrician

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Commonwealth of Virginia
DPOR Tradesmen Program

9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 400
Richmond, VA  23233
(804) 367-8511
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PSI Services LLC
3210 E. Tropicana
Las Vegas, NV  89121
Phone:  (855) 340-3910
Exam Type
Exam Content
Content Areas# of
Standards of Practice3
Standards of Conduct2
Renewal & Reinstatement2
Qualification for Licensure1
Revocation of Licensure1
General Electrical Knowledge4
Requirements for Electrical Installations4
Electrical - Electronic Fundamentals5
Services, Feeders, & Branch Circuits9
Service & Feeder Requirements6
Grounding & Bonding9
Conductors & Cables7
Raceways & Boxes8
Special Occupancies4
Special Equipment2
Electrical Signs & Outline Lighting2
Motors & Controls8
Utilization Equipment6
General Low Voltage Requirements1
Communication Systems1
Fire Detection & Alarm Systems2
Total number of test questions:
Time allowed (minutes):
Books Allowed in the Exam
Virginia DPOR Rules and Regulations, Title 54.1, Chapter 11 - Individual License and Certification Regulations
PDF File Link
National Electrical Code (NFPA-70), 2017, NFPA
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American Electricians' Handbook, 17th Edition, 2021, Frederic Hartwell
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NOTICE:  If your PSI exam bulletin shows the 16th Edition (out-of-print version) of the American Electricians' Handbook, it has not been updated to show the current the 17th edition.

Additional Recommended Books

The books listed below are NOT allowed at the exam location

Ferm’s Fast Finder Index, 2017, IAEI
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Tom Henry's Key Word Index, 2017, Tom Henry
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We recommend that you purchase one of the two NEC index books above to study for your exam.  Each book is a comprehensive subject index to the NEC.  They provide an even faster way to look up subjects covered in the exam and are far more detailed than the index at the end of the code book.

A practice exam is currently NOT AVAILABLE

This page is being provided for research and links to books sources only.  We do not have an expected date for availability.  This page may have changed since your last visit.  Please refresh to see current info (F5 on your keyboard).

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