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South Carolina

Commercial Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Contractor

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South Carolina Contractor’s Licensing Board
Synergy Business Park - Kingstree Building
110 Centerview Dr.
Columbia, SC  29210
Phone: (803) 896-4686
Exam Provider
PSI Services LLC
3210 E. Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas, NV  89121
Phone:  (855)  340-3701
Exam Type
Exam Content
Content Areas# of
Concrete — Framework4
Concrete — Reinforcement4
Metal — Structural Framing10
Metal — Siding and Roofing4
Total number of test questions:
Time allowed (hours):

All Commercial General and Mechanical Contractors are required to pass Business Management & Law exam in addition to any technical examinations required for the specific license category or subcategory.

Books Allowed in the Exam
South Carolina Building Code, 2018, ICC –OR–
Buy from ICC
International Building Code, 2018, ICC
Buy at Amazon
Code of Federal Regulations, 29 CFR Part 1926 (OSHA), GPO [or] (OSHA) Selections by PSI, 2013
Buy from PSI
Metal Building Systems Manual, 2018, MBMA
Buy from ICC
ASTM C 754 - Standard Specification for Installation of Steel Framing Members to Receive Screw-Attached Gypsum Panel Products, 2017 (Revises 2011), ASTM
Buy from Publisher
ASTM C 1007 - Standard Specification for Installation of Load Bearing (Transverse and Axial) Steel Studs and Related Accessories, 2011, ASTM
Buy from Publisher
Contractor's Guide to Quality Concrete Construction, 3rd Edition, ASCC
Buy at Amazon
Energy Design Guidelines for Metal Building Systems, 2nd Edition, 2017 (Revises 2010), Metal Building Manufacturers Association
Buy from Publisher
Specifications for Structural Joints Using High-Strength Bolts, 2009, Research Council on Structural Connections
PDF File Link
South Carolina 811 Excavator Manual
Web Page Link

WARNING:  The 2012 version of reference #3 appears to be out-of-print.  If you do a search, you'll find several providers selling PDF downloads of this version.  Choose your provider carefully.  Some may not be reputable.

Available Study Materials
Download OSHA Guide
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PSI OSHA Selections
Study Guide

Sample questions are based on the PSI publication titled “29 CFR PART 1926 Selections, as of June 2013” (highlighted in green above).

This file contains approx. 800 sample questions.

REMINDER:  PSI uses this book for many exams they offer.  Not all sections of this code will apply to your exam.

We also include a table showing the relationship between our questions and OSHA code sections.  Corrections to the original PSI publication are noted. The index/table is availble for veiwing before you purchnse from the button above.

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